Brownells Brownells Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Produces A Mulit-Color Splatter For Superior Downrange Contrast

Four, black target rings separated by different fluorescent colored outlines produce a halo of color around every bullet hole, so you can instantly see your point-of-impact without having to run downrange. Because each target ring has its own underlying fluorescent color (green, yellow, orange, or pink), you know exactly where each bullet impact occurs in relation to the green, center bull’s-eye. Constructed of weather-proof, plastic-film laminate. MC8-20 includes 20 sheets, each with a single 8" diameter target.

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SPECS: Plastic-film laminate paper. MC8-20 - 20-Pak, each 8½” square sheet has one 8” (20.3cm) dia. target.

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Quantity: 20

Style: Sight-In

Target Size/Type: Small Less Than 8

Type: Papers