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Whether you want to reload affordable target loads, high-quality hunting shells, or you’re an advanced reloader who wants to make your own deer slugs, Hornady’s 366 Auto Progressive Reloader will turn out ammunition in assembly line fashion with a factory-tight finish.

Simply place empty shell casings, wad and shot into place, and pull the handle to send the cases around this circular-designed reloader that automatically drops completed shells into a handy box when they are done. The swing-out wad guide gives you instant access for wad placement. The large-capacity power and shot hopper tubes have baffles that allow powder and shot to flow smoothly for uniform loads. A three-stage taper-loc-crimping device crimps, closes and tapers your shot shells. Lever switchable for right- or left-handed users. Manual shut-offs for powder and shot. Easy-to-change standard bushings make it easy to switch over to other popular shot sizes or powders. The 366 Auto even lets you choose whether you want to resize your shells to factory dimensions or skip this step altogether. A shot drain catches spilled shot at the edge of the shell plate.


  • Automatic Primer Feed System
  • Easy-Empty Powder and Shot Hopper Tubes
  • 3-Stage Taper-Loc Crimping
  • Spring-Loaded Seater Punch
  • Swing-out Wad Guide
  • Automatic Indexing
  • Full length Resizing Station
  • Automatic Shell Ejection

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