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This automatic, five station press lets you switch your reloading dies and accessories without changing the entire tool head. With a quick twist, the Lock-N-Load inserts allow you to engage or disengage your accessories in each station. The solid top-plate construction means you’ll never have to purchase additional tool plates. You may also use 7⁄8-14" dies and powder measures from your other favorite manufacturers by installing Lock-N-Load bushing inserts (listed below). The Hornady automatic case feeder is available by special order at this time. It has one of the highest torque motors of any progressive press and will feed hundreds of rounds per hour. Adapts to your press and feeds each cartridge to your shell plate – ask any of our customer service representatives for assistance.

Features Include: Lock-N-Load Powder Measure: The AP uses Hornady’s full size powder measure which can change powder charges with the press of the button. Hornady utilizes a quickchange measure insert that can be stored with your reloading dies preset to the charge you desire. You’ll never have to adjust your measure back to that favorite load again – just purchase additional inexpensive measure inserts for each of your cartridges. This is the most flexible powder system of any progressive press on the market.

Priming System: The primer is dropped in place at the top of the stroke and inserts into the case at the end of each stroke. Slide tray is easily changed from large to small primers and includes primer pick-up tubes to fill the main primer tube.

Case Activated Powder Drop: The Case Activated Powder Drop provides the powder charge only when a cartridge is in place. Prevents powder charging errors, or can be set to manual operation to check charges. No powder mess to clean up, automatic case indexing prevents double charges.

Case Retainer: The Case Retainer allows you to quickly and easily remove or replace a case from the shell plate at any point in the cycle without extra retaining buttons. Retainer fits all calibers.

Automatic Indexing and Case Ejector: The Lock-N-Load automatically advances the cases to the next station with the smoothest indexing of any press we’ve operated. It rotates every half stroke (shorter movements) to lessen the chance of powder spillage. At the completion of each round, the case is automatically ejected into the large capacity case catcher (included). All you need in addition to your Hornady AP press is a shell plate and dies to get you started. Ask any of our customer service representatives for help in determining your shell plate size.

These other Hornady AP accessories, such as additional Powder Measure Metering Insert, Quick Change Powder Die, and the Powder Cop, enable you to have the fastest cartridge conversion on the market. Ask any of our customer service representatives to explain these upgrade options.

Click here for Hornady Shell Plates & Shell Holders chart.

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