Brownells Brownells Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

The Hornady Cam-Lock Case Trimmer produces accurate trim lengths on every case. Trim length is micro-adjustable with the fine adjust knob on the cutter shaft. A light touch on the cam-lock securely locks the case into the Hornady shellholder. Cases are held square to the large cutter head that can handle cases up to 50 caliber. Hornady has made the frame height taller than previous models, which along with the more ergonomic trimmer handle makes it comfortable, fast, and easy to use.

The cast trimmer includes the seven most popular pilots; .22, 6mm, .270, 7mm, .30, .38, and .45 calibers. Additional pilots are available for .20 caliber through .50 caliber. An optional .17 caliber pilot/cutter is available. Optional accessories include a chamfering tool and a deburring tool that thread on in place of the cutter for consistent and square chamfering/deburring. A power adapter is also available. Order shellholders separately.

Use only standard Hornady® shell holders and pilots.

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