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Eliminates Invalid Readings

Features 72 LEDs that emit invisible, infra-red light for optimum contrast over the optical sensors and reliable, indoor chronograph operation. Eliminates possible invalid readings when using incandescent or florescent light sources that can vary in intensity and coverage. Portable and fast setup, just mount the light arcs and connect power. Red “ON” indicator illuminates when operating. 120 VAC adapter included. Will operate on a 24 VDC source (two 12 Volt batteries wired in series). Shipping box protects the unit during storage and transport. Includes complete instructions. Fits all ProChrono model chronographs.

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SPECS: Adapter input - 120 VAC 60Hz. Light Arc Input/Adapter Output - 24 VDC 200mA. Power Consumption - Approx. 200mA (100 mA per arc).

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Style: Chronograph Accessory