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Extra Strong, Withstand Heavy Recoil

Heavy duty 30mm steel rings, machined in pairs, serial numbered, and designed specifically to securely hold large, heavy scopes on hard-recoiling guns. Weaver-style clamp with big ½" nut really snugs ring to the mount. Ultra-High provides optimum height for AR-15, AR-10 and SR-25 rifles.

AR-15, Issue:01, Page:034
AR-15, Issue:02, Page:034
AR-15, Issue:03, Page:007
AR-15, Issue:03, Page:046
AR-15, Issue:04, Page:008
AR-15, Issue:04, Page:052
AR-15, Issue:05, Page:071
AR-15, Issue:06, Page:076
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Big Book Catalog, Issue:52, Page:276
Big Book Catalog, Issue:53, Page:278
Big Book Catalog, Issue:54, Page:159
Big Book Catalog, Issue:54, Page:276
Big Book Catalog, Issue:55, Page:275
Big Book Catalog, Issue:56, Page:286
Big Book Catalog, Issue:57, Page:331
Big Book Catalog, Issue:58, Page:334
Big Book Catalog, Issue:58, Page:335
Big Book Catalog, Issue:59, Page:338
Big Book Catalog, Issue:60, Page:363
Big Book Catalog, Issue:61, Page:066
Big Book Catalog, Issue:61, Page:197
Big Book Catalog, Issue:62, Page:008
Big Book Catalog, Issue:62, Page:215
Big Book Catalog, Issue:63, Page:234
Big Book Catalog, Issue:64, Page

SPECS: Black Matte finish. Ring height measured from top of mount to center of ring; Standard - .823" (2cm), Medium - .885" (22.5mm), Medium High - 1.0" (2.5cm), High - 1.125" (2.8cm), Ultra High - 1.378" (3.5cm). Weights; Standard - 6.6 oz (187 g), High - 9 oz. (255 g), Ultra High - 10 oz. (284 g).



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Finish: Matte Black

Height: .885"

Scope Tube Diameter: 30mm

Size: Medium

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Finish: Black

Height: 1.375"

Scope Tube Diameter: 35mm

Size: Extra High

Style: Picatinny Rings, Specialty Scope Rings, ...

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