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Frame Mount Design Gives Stable Sight Picture

Exclusive, forward frame mount design positions both optical and electronic scopes low, directly over center of slide and grip frame for better balance and pointability. Lightweight, one-piece, no-flex, dependable base stands up to the demands of competitive pistol shooting. Won't interfere with ejection or cycling. Will accept the Tasco PDP4 40mm Red Dot Scope.

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SPECS: Extruded aluminum, silver-anodized finish. 4½" (11cm) long, 2 oz. (56g) wt. Fits 1911 Auto, Govt. length frame. Accepts Weaver-style rings. 3.296" (8.3cm) c-to-c ring spacing. Requires drilling and tapping of frame. Includes screws and installation instructions.


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Color: Black

Material: Aluminum

Number of Bases: 1-Piece

Style: Weaver-Style Bases