Brownells Brownells Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Top Quality, Custom-Made For The Professional Gunsmith

Made from the best grade, tightly woven, 2-ply yarn, all-cotton duck—the same stuff they make top quality, insulated coveralls from. Solvent- and oil-proof nylon thread used throughout. Everything heavily reinforced with seams rolled, double stitched and finished, all corners and stress points bar-tacked for strength. Machine washes and dries without edges curling or losing shape. Covers from shoulders to below the knees to keep dirt /crud off your clothes. Adjustable neck strap for a custom fit. Neck and rear tie straps are double thickness for extra strength. Three pockets: a centered upper one with a sewn-in pencil slot and large lower ones on the left and right sides.

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SPECS: 39½" (100.3cm) long, 30½" (77.5cm) wide. Pockets: Top - 4-7⁄8" (12.4cm) wide x 4¾" (12cm) high with pencil slot. Lower (x2) - 7¾" (19.7cm) wide by 6¾" (17.1cm) high. Ties: each 27½" (69.8cm) long. Neck strap: 21¾" (55.2cm) long.

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