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65\ Shoulder x .495"

These cutters are specially designed by us and made to our specifications for cutting the sight base slot required to mount the Wichita and Novak Lo-Mount 1911 Auto sights. Use ¼" carbide end mill to remove the bulk of the material (see drawing above) then make final dovetail cut. Final cut to lower rear of slide is done with an end mill and is not a part of the sight base cut. Made slightly undersized to compensate for variations in sight bases and milling tolerances on installation. With the popularity of custom 1911 Auto Pistols, this cutter is one that you will use frequently in your custom work. CAUTION: For use in milling machine only. Much harder and longer-lasting than HSS cutter. Use on hardened Colt factory slides. Solid carbide, 2" (5cm) long. .495" diameter cut. ½" (12.7mm) diameter shank. 65° shoulder.

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