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Tool Holders & Inserts For Turning

Tooling kits include hardened steel toolholders and high speed steel inserts for turning, threading, profiling, and cut-off work. Inserts are T-15 High Speed Steel (HSS) hardened to Rc 65-67, then finish ground on all sides. They deliver excellent slow speed performance, precision interrupted cuts, and a smooth finish on stainless steel, Inconel, Monel, exotic metals, and plastics. Square shank toolholders and boring bars are CNC machined from 4140/4142 steel bar stock, hardened to Rc 48-50, and then black oxide coated to resist corrosion. Includes two ¼" square shank bars, one right hand (RH) bar and one left hand (LH) bar, a 3/8" shank boring bar, plus two CEMW-2-1.5-1 boring bar inserts and three CCMW-2-1.5-1 square shank bar inserts.

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SPECS: One right hand bar, one double-ended left hand bar, .375" shank, 3.5" long, double ended for 50° side cutting edge angle, boring bar, .375" shank, 5" long, .188" wide, full length flat, .365" minimum bore. Boring Bar Inserts - two T-15 HSS CEMW-2-1.5-1 inserts, 20° positive, .250 IC, .093 thick, .110 hole, .146 opening, .015 radius. Right/Left Bar Inserts - three T-15 HSS CCMW-2-1.5-1 inserts, 7° positive, .250 IC, .093 thick, .110 hole, .146 opening, .015 radius. Includes two MS-1152S screws, four MS-1153 screws and one T-7 wrench.


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