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Shop-Proven Premium-Grade Polish For The Professional

The answer to a gun polisher's dream! Made to the highest standards of quality with carefully screened, true-sized grits for reliable, repeatable results and a natural, greaseless base that doesn't leave a residue to mess up bluing or plating jobs. Packed in a formed, flexible plastic tube to stay fresh between uses.

1) Unlike hard drying abrasives, Polish- O-Ray® sets up to a medium soft surface without flinty hard flakes which, regardless of grit size being used, can do serious damage to a polished surface.

2) It is easily applied to polishing wheels without stopping the motor. Simply press the open end of the tube to your wheel; the polish adheres to the moving surface, hardens in a few seconds and is ready for use.

3) Because of its softer nature, a true, ripple-free surface is quickly obtained on all wheels. The best possible polished surface, free from ripples and bounce marks, is your assurance of a superior, professional refinishing job. Polish-O-Ray® does this for you.

4) Polish-O-Ray® has been used by gunsmiths, metal finishers, and aircraft manufacturers since the early 1940's. Wherever a quality surface, free from chatter marks, scratch marks and imperfections is required, the use of Polish-O-Ray® is a MUST. One precision manufacturer in the southeast orders by the keg. And, where else but on a gun does a perfect finish draw more praise and admiration? These beautiful finishes are the reason for Polish-O-Ray®'s continuing popularity among our country's gunsmiths and serious hobbyists.

By following the "Master Metal Polisher's" technique, it is possible to obtain a top quality finishing job in a minimum of time with P-O-R®. Complete instructions are in our Bluing Instruction Booklet (#076-200-135) and the book Gunsmith Kinks™. It consists; mainly, of starting with the coarsest grit and polishing the surface in one direction; then, with the next finer grit on a different wheel polishing at 45° angles to the first "pass". By following this procedure down through the finer grit numbers, the final surface is unequaled for quality and perfection.

Polish-O-Ray® is shipped in a resealable outer bag. Put the tube back in the bag, seal with a twist tie and ALWAYS store all your Polish-O-Ray® - brand new or partially used - in the refrigerator for longest life.

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SPECS: Packed in 2½lb. (1.1kg) net contents (min.) plastic tube.

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