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41-Piece Kit Gives You Everything You Need To Start Bluing Now!

"What Do I Need To Start Hot Salts Bluing Of Guns?" Having answered this question literally hundreds of times over the past 55+ years, we've put everything you need in this one complete KIT. EVERYTHING! All the basics - Tanks, Stands, Burners, Cleaners, Salts and Oil that the "other guys" sell - PLUS everything else you need to start bluing guns. Solvents, tank covers, personal safety gear, extra additives and lots more. All for just a few dollars more than those "bare bones" kits.

Plus, we include our step-by-step Bluing Instruction Book. 34 pages of the best bluing information available in the Firearms Industry…perfected over the years, helping literally thousands of gunsmiths. They teach you how to blue, and if you have a problem, they explain how to cure it. Unlike others, we back our process with our industry-exclusive, full-time Tech Support Staff of "hands-on" experienced gunsmiths who can help you solve any bluing problem. At Brownells, we're committed to giving you, the working gunsmith, the finest possible service.

We know you'll find Bluing a rewarding, profitable addition to your shop. Compare our KIT to anybody else's…it is the best buy on the market. So, save yourself time and money trying to make a basic "bare bones" package into a working bluing shop. Order our Bluing System Kit and put that time to work making money bluing guns.

Listed below are all the items in the KIT with a brief description of each. Check and compare this to any other kit on the market. And remember, we've got the best Instructions; the ONLY, fulltime Tech Support Staff; 60+ years experience.

Note: Requires additional shipping & hazardous materials surcharge. Must be shipped by Truck or picked up.

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OXYNATE No. 7™ - The finest, most reliable Bluing Salts available. Provides a deep, blue-black color on most gun steels (except stainless). Proven in small shops for over 50 years and used by top firearms manufacturers. (2) 40 lb. pails supplied.
DICRO-CLEAN 909™ - Use in a heated soak tank to remove the dirt and grime from gun steel that can ruin a bluing job. (1) 24 lb. box supplied.
BLACK IRON TANKS - Won't contaminate your bath. For Cleaning Solution, Cold Water Rinse, Bluing Solution, Hot Water Rinse and Water Displacing Oil. (5) supplied.
BLUING TANK BURNER - Sized to provide correct heat for the Bluing Solution. Orifices included for both Natural and Propane Gas. (1) supplied.
HOT WATER TANK BURNER - As Cleaner and Hot Water Rinse Tanks require less heat, these smaller burners save fuel. Orifices included for Natural and Propane Gas. (2) supplied.
TANK STANDS - Interlock at sides or ends so you can design the layout to fit your shop. (Water Displacing Oil must be located away from rest of Bluing operation). (4) supplied.
THERMOMETERS - Proper temperature control is required for successful Bluing and these are made to our specs to work right. (2) supplied - for Bluing Solution and Cleaner Tanks.
BROWNELLS BLUING INSTRUCTIONS - Continuously updated 34 page book of explicit instructions on every phase of bluing. Includes Polishing, Hot Bluing, Cold Bluing and Exhaustive Trouble-Shooting Charts on the Bluing Process.
WATER DISPLACING OIL - After Bluing and Rinsing, this specially formulated oil seeks out and displaces any remaining molecules of water with molecules of oil. Gives complete protection on all surfaces. (3) Gallons supplied.
TANK COVERS - Keeps unwanted crud out, reduces evaporation in Bluing Solution and Water Displacing Oil Tank during storage. Rubber gasket. (2) Supplied.
BLUING PARTS BASKET - Holds pistol frames, rifle actions and many other parts in the various tanks. (2) Supplied.
SMALL PARTS BASKET - Use alone or inside the Bluing Parts Basket. Holds all but the smallest parts. (1) Supplied.
BLACK IRON SCREEN WIRE - Cut and fold into little baskets for pins and screws. (1) Sheet supplied.
BLACK IRON WIRE - A great help in hanging barreled actions, parts baskets and more in the tanks. 1 pkg. of 3 rolls supplied. (1) Roll supplied.
STAINLESS STEEL DIPPER - Used to add water to the Bluing Solution during operation. (1) Supplied.
RINSE TANK BRUSH - Wood handle, natural bristles to make sure cleaner residue is off parts. (1) Supplied.
BLUING SOLUTION CLEANER - Removes depleted salts and contaminants from the Bluing Solution. (1) Pint supplied.
TCE DEGREASER - A superb degreaser that removes gun oils quickly and easily. (1) Gallon supplied.
STOP CREEP™ - Helps prevent cooled Bluing Solution from "climbing" over the edge of the Tank. (1) Bar supplied.
FULL FACE SAFETY SHIELD - Helps keep caustic splashes out of face and eyes. ALWAYS wear when bluing. (1) Supplied.
N-36 RUBBER GLOVES - Industrial-grade neoprene to protect hands. (1) Pair size 11 supplied.
NEOPRENE SHOP APRON - Keeps those inevitable splashes off clothes - and you. Extra long and wide. (1) Supplied.
3M DISPOSABLE FILTER MASKS - Keeps harmful polishing and chemical dust out of lungs. (1) Pak of 10 supplied.
GUNSMITHS DATA BINDER - Heavy, solvent/chemical resis- tant polypropylene, 3-ring binder protects instructions/gunsmith info. (1) Supplied.
SHEET PROTECTORS - Heavy, 4 mil polypropylene sleeves fit Binder above. Separate Bluing Instructions and put each page in one of these. Easily cleaned off. (100) Supplied.

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