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Programmable For Hands-Off Heat-Treating & Color Case-Hardening

Programmable oven makes easy work of any heat-treating job, including color-case hardening. Compact chamber is the right size for receivers, bottom metal, buttplates, knife blades, custom screws, and other small parts. Numerical control with extra-large keypad lets you create and store up to 12 repeatable custom programs for consistent results. You determine the temperature ranges, hold-time, alarm set-points, and make easy on-the-fly adjustments to fine-tune your program. Even allows you to pre-program the start time to take advantage of variable electric rates. Backlit, four character display provides accurate real-time temperature/time monitoring. Cool-touch door handle allows comfortable operation when the oven is hot. Innovative safety interrupt automatically removes power from all heating elements when the door opens and reapplies power after it closes. Built with a durable, corrosion-resistant stainless steel outer shell and a firebrick lining for maximum heating efficiency. Includes Type-K thermocouples for quick and reliable temperature control.

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SPECS: Stainless steel, natural finish, firebrick liner. External Dimensions - 18½" (47cm) long, 26" (66cm) wide, 27" (69cm) high w/legs. Internal Dimensions - 13½" (34.3cm) long, 13" (33cm) wide, 13½" high. 94 lb. (57kg) weight. Maximum Temperature: 2,000° F (1,093° C). Current Draw - 18 amps @ 240 volts AC, 4320 watts. UL approved heating elements.


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