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Everything You Need To Produce Beautiful Color Case Hardening

At last, a convenient, easy-to-use process to help the gunsmith create beautiful, genuine color case hardening. Color case parts with their subtle shades of blue, gray and straw really give a gun a true custom look. For a modern firearm, color case hardening can create a unique, one-of-a-kind gun. Plus, renewed interest in the old west has brought many old and well used guns out of retirement that need to have faded color case hardening restored. Our detailed instructions take the mystery and witchcraft out of the process. You’ll want to experiment with the ratio of wood charcoal to bone charcoal to get just the right mix of colors. We have assembled two, easy-to-set-up systems with all the essential items to immediately begin creating those wonderful case hardened colors found on many older guns.Our Standard Kit has the same, large capacity crucible charcoal and supplies, only without the furnace. We offer this kit for those who may already have their own heat source capable of heating the crucible to 1450° F.


EXTRA LARGE HEAT TREAT FURNACE - 3.6 cubic foot capacity to hold our large crucible. (Premier kit only.)

COLOR CASE HARDENING CRUCIBLE - Large 11" x 4" cylinder is big enough to hold a rifle action.

CRUCIBLE TONGS - The really correct way to safely handle the hot crucible. 30" long for handling ease and safety.

HI-TEMP KEVLAR GLOVES - Gives your hands extra protection from high temperatures.

FULL FACE SHIELD - Prevents hot water and ash or charcoal dust from splashing into your eyes, necessary when dumping crucible.

WOOD CHARCOAL - 10 pounds, high carbon content, just the right sieve size for crucible packing.

BONE CHARCOAL - 25 pounds, high carbon content, free of wax and fillers.

DISPOSABLE FILTER MASKS - Keeps harmful charcoal dust out of your lungs.

LONG SHOP APRON - Protects you, and your clothes, from splashes.

INSTRUCTIONS - Full explanation of color case hardening.

(NOTE: Please call for freight charges.)

Big Book Catalog, Issue:73, Page:398
Big Book Catalog, Issue:73, Page:411

SPECS: Steel case. Outside dimensions - 30-1⁄2" (77.4cm) wide, 27" (68.5cm) deep, 23" (58.4cm) high. Chamber dimensions - 22" (55.8cm) wide, 22" deep, 13" (33cm) high. 6,292 cu. in. inside. 330 lb. (123 kg) weight. 240V/50-60hz/24 amp./5,760 watts.


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