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Apply An Exact Amount Of Pre-Set Tightening Force; Accepts ALL Brownells Magna-Tip Bits

Precision-adjustable torque driver ensures that you apply the exact amount of leverage needed to accurately tighten any gun screw, including action screws and scope ring/mount screws. Adjustable from 15 to 70 in-lb. in 1 in-lb. increments to eliminate guesswork and prevent under- or over-tightening screws - no more stripped threads or broken-off screw heads. The 1/4" magnetic hex drive socket accepts ANY Brownells Magna-Tip bit - plus, 6 bits commonly needed for gun work are included! Ergonomic, rubber-coated handle gives you a secure grip for maximum leverage and even transfer of tightening force. To change torque setting, simply turn the orange collar to the desired setting indicated through the easy-to-read window scale. A self-limiting cam-over clutch "clicks" free when the specified amount of torque is reached, making over-tightening impossible. Each driver is hand calibrated and inspected, and comes with a handwritten certification card.

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SPECS: Stainless steel shank & internal mechanism. High-impact, molded, hard-polymer housing, rubber-overmolded handle. Includes these 1/4" bits: Torx® T-10 & T-15, and 3/32" & 5/32" hex with 1" long shanks; T-25 and 5/32" hex with 4" shanks.


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