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Holds Small Items Securely In Almost Any Position

Versatile, miniature vise designed for secure retention of small, hard-to-hold items is like having a couple of extra hands at your work bench. Dual-bolt jaw tensioning system lets you apply the precise amount of force needed to grasp the work piece firmly without overtightening and causing damage. One bolt opens and closes the jaws, while the other provides countering force to keep the jaw halves parallel and prevent slippage. Once the item is locked in the jaws, no need to remove and reclamp to change its position because the swivel mechanism allows the entire jaw assembly to rotate 360° horizontally and tilt up to 28° from vertical. Jaw tightening handle and swivel locking handle can be removed if necessary to provide maximum freedom of access to work piece. Rugged machined steel swivel mechanism with case-hardened jaws; cast aluminum base is drilled for bolting to benchtop. Accepts items up to 1" wide.

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SPECS: Steel, black oxide finish, with cast aluminum base. Approximately 5¼” (13.3cm) overall height.

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