Brownells Brownells Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Sturdy Convenient Holder Stores All Your Bits In One Piece

Ultimate Magna-Tip storage system conveniently organizes and stores up to 120 bits and 7 handles. Plenty of space for an entire Master Super Set Plus, a ton of specialty bits, and extra handles, so you always have the right Magna-Tip combo at your fingertips. Machined from a solid block of Delrin® that won’t warp, crack, chip, or peel. It’s also resistant to oil, grease, and many solvents. For added convenience, the slots for handles—including one for the Magna-Tip Ratchet Handle—are positioned far enough from the edge to allow the block to be placed flush against a wall behind a workbench or shelf.

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SPECS: Machined Delrin®, tan. 12½” (31.8cm), 5-1⁄8" (13cm) wide, ¾” (1.9cm) high. Holds 120 Magna-Tip bits and 7 handles.