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Remove & Install Pins, Align Holes, Stake Sights; Twenty Punches In All

This deluxe punch set gives you a versatile selection of 20 punches to easily start, remove and install pins, align holes, plus drift and stake sights without marring the part or firearm finish. We combined alignment punches, flat tip mini punches, starter punches, a nylon drift punch, and a center and prick punch with our most popular pin punches, then added a machined Delrin® bench block to hold and organize them all for easy access. Punches are constructed of hardened steel with parallel-ground shanks and either knurled or hexagonal handles. The nylon drift punch is solid nylon and can be shaped for your specific application. Alignment punches feature a tapered pin with a working length almost 3" long to help ensure a tight fit with any size diameter hole size between the minimum and maximum outside diameter of the punch. Each punch minimum diameter overlaps slightly with the next larger punch to prevent any possible gaps in hole coverage. Mini punches are small diameter punches with a flat tip that provide excellent control because of their short length. Ideal for precision work and tight spots where a full-length punch just won’t fit. Use the starter punches to start the removal of roll or spring pins without causing damage to the pins or the punch. Short shafts give more control by putting your hand closer to the pin and prevents bending the longer, standard roll pin punches. Prick punch has a fine, sharp point for marking spots before center punching and staking sights. Gives better visibility and more precision to your marking. Use the center punch after the prick punch to deepen the mark for precision drilling. The pin punches are used after the starter punch to finish drive the roll pin or spring pin. Bench block is also available separately.

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SPECS: Steel, knurled or hexagonal handle, except nylon drift punch is solid nylon. Nylon Punch - Contains (1), 4” (10cm) long x 5/16” (7.9mm) diameter. Alignment Punches - Contains (1) of each diameter: .070” (1.8mm) to .156” (4.0mm); .110” (2.8mm) to .187” (4.7mm); .150” (3.8mm) to .219” (5.6mm). Taper length: 2½” (6.3cm) to 3” (7.6cm). Mini Punches - Contains (1) of each diameter: 1⁄16" (1.6mm), 5⁄64" (2mm), 3⁄32" (2.4mm), 2¾” (7cm) long. Starter Punches - Contains (1) of each diameter: 1⁄16", 5⁄64" 3⁄32", 1⁄8" (3.2mm), 4” long. Prick Punch - Contains (1), 5⁄16" x 4” long. Center Punch - Contains (1), 5⁄16" x 4” long. Pin Punches - Contains (1) of each diameter: 1⁄16", 5⁄64" 3⁄32", 1⁄8", 4” long; 3⁄32" x 4½” (11.4cm) long, 1⁄8" x 4¾” (12.1cm) long, 5⁄32" (4mm) x 5” (12.7cm) long. Bench Block - Delrin, tan. 8” (20cm) long, 3” wide, ¾” (1.9cm) high. Holds all 20 punches.

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Material: Steel

Quantity: 20

Style: Deluxe, Set