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Complete Tool Kit to Service & Repair FNH SCAR 16S/17S Rifles


  • Includes the correct tools as specified by FNH Armorer’s to service the 16S & 17S rifles
  • Proper tools for barrel replacement, muzzle device attachment, rail attachment, trigger maintenance and more
  • All items can be easily stowed in the included Armorer’s bag for transportation or stowage
  • Armorer’s bag includes pockets around the interior, as well as two inserts for placement of small tools and punches
  • 16S & 17S specifics tools allow for proper ejector removal, barrel alignment and trigger installation

Kit includes the following:

  • Tangodown Armorer’s Block Set
  • 3/8” Torque wrench with crowfoot wrench attachments specific to the 16S/17S
  • Magna tip torque handle and bits specific to the 16S/17S
  • Ball peen hammer, needle nose pliers, dental explorers, combination wrenches (2), leather vise jaws, trigger scale, brass brush, punches and roll pin holders
  • 5.56 & 7.62 Go & No Go headspace gauges
  • 5.56 & 7.62 barrel straightness gauges
  • Ejector removal tool and ejector installation tool
  • Trigger mounting axis pin
  • Loctite 603 50ml
  • Rocksett 2oz
  • Armorer’s Bag

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