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Give Your 10/22~ A Smooth, No-Creep Trigger Pull With A Clean Pount Letoff

It’s easy to improve the trigger pull of your 10/22® with the Brownells DIY 10/22® Trigger Upgrade kit. Plinkers, hunters, and competition shooters love the 10/22 because it's fun to shoot—and it's easy to accessorize because you can do a lot of the work yourself with drop-in parts. This kit contains a Power Custom Pre-Travel 10/22® Hammer & Sear Set, plus all the tools needed to install it.

The Power Custom set replaces the factory parts to eliminate trigger pre-travel and roughness for a clean, crisp, 2¾ lb. pull. It also lets you adjust and lock in sear engagement to get exactly the trigger break you want. The kit comes with a sear, disconnector/sear spring, a trigger pivot pin, slave pin, extra-power hammer spring, trigger return spring, plus pairs of hammer and sear shims. All the parts are hardened steel with engagement surfaces vapor-honed for extra smoothness.

Our kit also includes a Brownells Rifle Bench Block, to protect your gun and your work surface when you remove the trigger pins from the action, plus a dual nylon/brass hammer, and a Grace Pin Punch Set that will not only serve for this project but will cover 90% of your future pin removal needs. For trigger installation, you’ll first use these punches to drive out the pins holding the old factory trigger on the rifle action. Then, you’ll use the punches to tap the pins back in.

To learn more about installing the Brownells DIY 10/22® Trigger Upgrade Kit, please watch the accompanying installation video.

Download the Brownells DIY 10/22 Trigger Upgrade Kit Instructions.

SPECS: Kit contains Power Custom Pre-Travel 10/22 Hammer & Sear Set, with sear, disconnector/sear spring, trigger pivot pin, cheater pin, extra-power hammer spring, trigger return spring, 2 hammer shims, and 2 sear shims. Also included: Brownells Rifle Bench Block, Grace pin punch set with 1 starter punch, 1 center punch, 5 drift punches (1/16", 5/64", 3/32", 1/8" & 5/32" diameters), 1" nylon/brass hammer, and instructions.