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Hawkeye is the premier brand in diagnostic kits for shooters so using the Hawkeye Shot Edition Slim Borescope Kit with Angled Eyepiece when purchasing used guns or analyzing mechanical problems can save you the original cost of the borescope many times over. This Shot Edition Kit features an angled eyepiece that clamps on to the borescope eyecup and reflects the image 90-degrees through its own focusing eyepiece. The angled eyepiece inverts the image, correcting the inversion of a mirror tube so it is ideal for viewing lands and grooves in a rifle with a high comb. This unique angled eyepiece allows you to quickly find erosion, fouling and tool marks that effect shooting accuracy.

The Borescope Kit includes the essentials for keeping your rifle barrel pristinely clean, which will lead to tighter groupings on the target. Along with the angled eyepiece, the kit includes a Hawkeye Slim Borescope, which offers a 0-degree direction-of-view and 42-degree field-of-view. The kit also comes with a Slim Mirror Tube that provides a rotating 90-degree direction-of-view. The rugged yet lightweight mini Maglite provides ample illumination and comes with two AA batteries. Each piece in this borescope kit has its own space in the lockable, metal carrying case.

Kit includes shooting edition Hawkeye borescope, angled eyepiece kit with focusing eyepiece, mini Maglite, mirror tube, lockable black metal case with protective foam.

Kit Includes:

  • 17" slim Hawkeye Borescope
  • Angled eyepiece
  • Mirror tube
  • Mini-Maglite source
  • Two AA batteries
  • Lockable metal case

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