Brownells Brownells Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

A "Third Hand" For Gunsmiths & Hobbyists ... A Wealth of Information Available Nowhere Else

You're going to love this 2nd book in the Gunsmith Kinks® Series! We think it may even be better than Gunsmith Kinks® (which is fantastic!) because it includes so many more Kinks®, so many more "hands-on" cures to shop problems and so many more useful and time-saving jigs, fixtures and drawings.

Follows the unprecedented format of Gunsmith Kinks®, bringing together in one book all the Kinks®, shop suggestions, jokes, cartoons and cures to problems that appeared in the Newsletter and all our catalogs, just as they originally appeared during the 14-year span between the first book, Gunsmith Kinks®, and the second book. Plus hundreds of previously unpublished Kinks® that never made the Newsletter due to lack of space. Every one is shop developed - shop proven - written by the men who do the work - and written in the language of the gunsmith.

It's amazing just how clever and creative our gunsmithing fraternity really is. Some of the cures are so ingenious you want to bang your head against the wall for not thinking of them yourself! But, with the help of Kinks® II, you have immediate access to solutions that have been figured out in operating gun shops by the gunsmiths doing the work - it's like having your own friendly, confidential adviser sitting right beside you willing to answer any question you might ask - giving workable cures for your problems, because he has already done them himself.

Stuff you just won't find anywhere else - like a complete-as-possible interchangeability list of guns from the manufacturers who made "Private Label" guns; a list of modern formulae for all the old chemicals and solutions (like "sweet spirits of nitre" and more); hundreds of quick cures for really impossible repairs; tips on stocking, bluing/plating, drilling, tapping, hunting, reloading; plus loads of info on specific guns, listed and indexed by gun name. A veritable treasure chest to delight and please the gunsmith or hobbyist.

252 detailed photographs and drawings - 504 pages - with 719 separate subject headings. Deluxe, heavy-duty, hardcover, sewn binding. 2400 entry index, cross-indexed with the original Gunsmith Kinks®. Plus, all the jokes the "Newsletter" has become famous for!

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Firearm: Universal

Skill Level: Amateur

Style: Gunsmithing