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Complete Cleaning Kit For MSR, Shotguns & Handguns

Specifically designed cleaning kit contains all the components necessary for keeping tactical rifles, pistols, and shotguns in proper working order. This 65 piece cleaning kit is housed inside a molded plastic box with dual latches on the lid has and a padlock loop. Lid also has two, with see-through lids, for storing extra parts or supplies. Cleaning components are held in two, nested trays with custom-fitted compartments for each accessory. Bottom of box has plenty of room for storing solvents and cleaning chemicals (not included). Kit contains: tube cleaning brush; hex handle for use with one piece of brass rod; clear plastic tube and rope cable; shotgun ramrods, rifle/handgun ramrod; 4mm and 6mm muzzle guards; bronze brush and bore swab for 12 and 20 gauge; bronze brushes for .17 through .50; brass jags for .17 through .45; bore swab for .357 through .45; slotted brass tips for 12 ga., 410 ga., and .22 cal.; three piece brush and pick set; cotton cleaning patches; 10 cotton swabs and 10 cleaning cloths. Specialty tools for AR-Rifles include: upper receiver brush, bolt carry key brush, chamber brush, .223 and .308 tube cleaning brush.


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