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Iosso Eliminator AR-15 and AR.308 Rifle Complete Cleaning Kit

Clean the gas tube with-out disassembly. . .And 5 other hard to clean areas!!!

This cleaning kit contains 6 precision fit brushes. The brushes clean the Upper Receiver, Chamber, Bolt Carrier, the Bore, the Bolt Carrier Key Tube and the Gas Tube. The Gas Tube Brush cleans the entire length of Gas Tube without disassembly of the upper receiver. The kit also includes the Eliminator Cleaning Handle & Rod to be used with the Upper Receiver Brush, Chamber Brush and Bolt Carrier Brush. The handle attaches to the Bore Cleaning Rope. The handle can be used with any Brush to clean pistol bores, chambers, revolver cylinders, neck turning, case cleaning, or can be used for tight cleaning jobs where a regular rod is too long and cumbersome to use. A handy accessory pouch is included to carry all of the components of the kit including the solvents.

The Iosso Bore Cleaner and Iosso Triple Action Oil Solution are recommended cleaners to be used with the kit and are sold separately.

Reduces Cleaning Time, Increase Accuracy!


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SPECS: Aluminum rod. Brushes - Nyflex nylon fiber. Gas tube brush is permanently attached to a steel cable; others also fit standard 8-32 female threaded cleaning rods. Cleaning Kit contains 5 brushes, patch puller, cleaning rope, cleaning tool with handle, patch loop, gas tube brush, and carry pouch.


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