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Scrubs & Mops Bore In One Pass For Fast, Easy, Thorough Cleaning

Dual-action brush scrubs and swabs in one step to make bore cleaning faster and easier than it's ever been. Integrated Dual Technology combines deep-scrubbing bronze bristles and an absorbent cotton mop on one brush so you can thoroughly clean rifle and pistol bores in one breech-to-muzzle pass. Non-corroding brass core ensures the IDT brush won't scratch your gun's rifling, while dense, non-scratch phosphor bronze bristles loosen fouling and the gentle 100% cotton mop wipes the bore clean of contaminated solvent and loosened fouling. Speeds up the tedious job of cleaning lever-action rifles and other guns with limited breech access. Perfect for fast cleaning in the field; 8-32 tpi threads fit the Memory Flex rods in Otis compact cleaning kits, as well as standard bench cleaning rods. Available in popular rifle and handgun calibers: .243/.25/.257/6.35/5.56mm/5.7mm/6mm/6.5mm, .308/7.62, and .357/.38/9mm.

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SPECS: Brass wire shank, bronze bristles, and cotton mop. 8-32 tpi male threads. Sold in 5 Paks.

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Material: Bronze

Quantity: 5