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Bronze Or Nylon Bristles Scrub Bores Clean Without Scratching

Hard-scrubbing brushes strip fouling quickly, leaving the bore sparkling clean. Premium-quality phosphor bronze bristles have twice the fill and a much longer life than generic brushes, with bristles all the way to the tip. More bristles mean fast, thorough cleaning. Stem is cold welded to the looped-and-wound brass core to withstand up to 200 lbs. of pull force without separating. All models are threaded to fit standard 8-32 rods and precision machined to ensure a clean starter thread so the brush screws on the rod easily. Caliber stamped on the stem, so you can be sure you always have the correct-size brush for your gun. Some calibers available with nylon bristles for jobs requiring less aggressive scrubbing action. Universal length fits both rifle and handgun bores.

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SPECS: Brass wire shank, bronze or nylon bristles. Approximately 21⁄8" (5.4cm) long. Standard 8-32 tpi threads. Pistol/rifle brushes sold in 10 paks, each brush in individual plastic tube.

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Caliber: 30 Caliber (.308), 7.62x39 (.310), 8 mm (.323)

Quantity: 10

Style: Rifle