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Professional "Hot Water" Bluing Method Blues Doubles Beautifully-Without Damaging Ribs Modern Successor To "Belgian Blue" & An Alternate To Hot Caustic Bluing

Dicropan IM is truly a multi-purpose bluing solution,that provides added benefits for both the full service shop and the gun owner that has just one gun to blue. The finish is a beautiful, professional, blue-black color that's sure to please you and your customers. The process is easy and simple to do, and the equipment required is minimal. For the shop with a hot salts bluing room, Dicropan IM is not intended to replace caustic salts bluing but New Formula Dicropan IM gives these shops a safe way to blue soft-soldered double-barrel shotguns that can separate in hot salts. For the smaller shop or individual who wants to blue an occasional gun, Dicropan IM can become their primary bluing system. It can be done just about anywhere with only a couple of tanks and a heat source. Dicropan IM is so easy to use , so adaptable and foolproof that we highly recommend it to anyone who wants a superior bluing job. Dicropan IM contains no caustics, no mercury compounds, has no odor and no harmful fumes. Besides being easy and economical to use, it provides an outstanding bluing job every time. Complete instructions are included with each order of Dicropan IM to help you do it right.

*Requires $17.00 Per Carton Hazardous Materials Surcharge. Cannot ship outside Continental United States. Ship UPS Ground only within U.S.

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SPECS: 1 qt. (946ml)  net contents in plastic bottle.

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